Valentines Sales

As promised I would write my next post 2 weeks on from my last so goal 3 of the year … More

Trait Game Version 4.0 + 4.1

This game is my fourth iteration which I have created and then further developed into a working prototype. Original creation … More

Trait Game Version 1.1

This week I have been trying to come up with different versions of my trait game which are more fun … More

Minor Interim/Creating a “My First” version of the trait game

This week I had my minor interim. I presented my 2 ideas for games and the 4 routes I made … More

The Trait Game Prototype

The second game I prototyped has been a lot more complicated to create than the first one. This was one … More

Proud Parent Prototype game

After re-designing several classic board games I decided to then go on to try and prototype┬áa couple of my own … More

Final Major Project Beginning

It’s the beginning of the end! My final major project has started which is pretty scary but also very exciting! … More

´╗┐Exploration Finished!

So I have been a bit quiet since Christmas trying to finish all of my exploration project ready for tomorrows … More